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We are pleased to announced that Herman Garman Velde has accepted a permanent position at the... >>>

We welcome Benedict Saw to Singapore’s CPP desk

We are pleased to announce, that Benedict Saw has joined our CPP team in Singapore. Ben... >>>

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The research team┬áprovides extensive analysis for our clients, covering the gas carrier, chemical tanker and product tanker markets. We capitalise on the company’s longstanding and extensive presence in these specialised shipping markets.

Our analysis integrates first-hand information with comprehensive databases, drawing on information from multiple sources. The research team consists of analysts with backgrounds from a broad range of fields, who answer questions using new and innovative approaches. By being virtually in the centre of the market, we have a distinct advantage that enables us to understand and analyse the essential challenges and opportunities in highly complex markets.

The service is exclusive for the clients, and spans from market reports to fully customised in-depth studies, as well as strategic advice on chartering and investments.

We strive to provide practical advice based on our analyses as we work in close cooperation with chartering and project brokers. This hands-on approach is paramount for specialized markets where first-hand information is difficult to find.




Munkedamsveien 45
0250 Oslo, Norway

Telephone: +47 23 13 55 00

Fax: +47 23 13 56 91


Daryl Kooi

Department: Research

Office: Singapore

Direct: +65 9113 41 51

Mobile: +65 9113 41 51


Huizhen Li

Department: Research

Area: CPP

Office: Oslo

Direct: +47 23 13 55 02

Mobile: +47 45 22 97 75


Lisa Maria Assmann

Department: Research

Area: Gas

Office: Oslo

Direct: +47 23 13 55 38

Mobile: + 47 45 41 76 28


Peter Borchgrevink

Department: Research

Area: Chems

Office: Oslo

Direct: +47 23 13 56 07

Mobile: +47 97 50 75 16


Torgeir Brandsar

Department: Research

Office: Oslo

Direct: +47 23 13 55 20

Mobile: +47 92 45 47 17