Steenslandfondet and Inge Steensland’s Foundation donates a new rescue boat to the Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue

The new rescue boat is designed to be operated by a crew of three, equipped with 2 x 500 HP Water Jet engines, doing 45 knots, stretches 12m LOA and built by Hydrolift in Fredrikstad, Norway. It will be delivered August 2017. The rescue boat will be stationed in Lillesand in southern Norway, not far away from “RS Inge Steensland” in Arendal which was also donated to the Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue by Steenslandfondet at Inge Steensland AS’ 50th Anniversary in 2010. The new boat will be named “Askeladden,” which was Inge Steensland’s alias in communication between Norway and England when he was a Norwegian resistance leader during WW2.


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