We are proud to announce our new name Steem1960

As the Steensland family earlier this year decided to withdraw from ship broking and sell their shares in Inge Steensland AS to existing owners the company is by 1st January 2017 changing name. We are grateful for what the family has contributed to the Company through the years, and part as friends.

Steem1960 Steensland Shipbrokers will be instantly recognizable to all customers of Inge Steensland AS. We are the same people, same vision and the same values. It is business as usual.

Why Steem1960?

In our new name, it was important to bring with us our history. By making the year of foundation -1960- a visual part of our name, our more than 50 years of continuous shipbroking and growth was made very apparent.

We also wanted to honor Mr. Inge Steensland, which we are doing with starting our new name with STEE, and making the two E’s in his name our new logo.

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